Georgia Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer in Georgia

Coastal whitetail deer abound on Jekyll Island. And why not? With 65% of the island undeveloped by law, there’s lots of great habitat for these beautiful, shy animals. The whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) ranges throughout Georgia. Those on the coast are slightly smaller than their mountain cousins. Their habitat is the thick maritime forests, where …

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Georgia Turtles

Turtles in Georgia

Diamondback Terrapin, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Leatherback Turtle and More Call Jekyll Island Home Jekyll Island supports habitat for a host of turtle species, from the diamondback terrapin to the leatherback sea turtle. Also right a home here – the loggerhead sea turtle, the Kemp’s Ridley turtle, the green sea turtle, and the box turtle. All …

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Tidelands Nature Center

Tidelands Nature Center

At Tidelands Nature Center, kids can interact with Jekyll Island’s natural wonders. On my last trip to Jekyll Island, I made it a point to stop by Tidelands Nature Center. I hadn’t been there since our kids had grown. This time, I was on a mission. I wanted to meet the Tideland’s Program Specialist, and …

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Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Take one green sea turtle. Add a loggerhead turtle. Season with a hawksbill turtle and a dollop of leatherback turtle. Top off with a Kemp’s ridley. Then, add a measure of excited, rambunctious, eager-to-learn kids. Dump the whole mess into a great big brick crockpot of a building and simmer nicely. What do you get? …

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State Parks Georgia

Georgia State Parks

Jekyll Island is only one of many Georgia State Parks and attractions on the Georgia Coast, and makes the perfect jumping-off spot for pursuing additional family adventures. Most of these destinations are only a short 30 minute to 1 hour drive away. A few require a bit more driving time. All are worth a trip, …

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Beaches Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island Beaches

Georgia beaches are wonderful places to spend quality time with your family. And Jekyll’s beaches are among the best. Come on out and create a little “Beach Magic” with your loved ones. The constant dance of wind and tide and sand has created Jekyll Island’s outstanding beaches, home to ghost crabs, sand pipers and sea …

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Nature Walks on Jekyll Island

Nature Walks on Jekyll Island

Loggerhead turtles like summer-time on Jekyll. From early June to August is when they come ashore, eager to lay their eggs. And while June is usually balmy, this 2-mile walk along the beach to (hopefully) encounter nesting sea turtles was turning into a big chill. Loggerhead turtle walks Loggerhead turtle walks are held from early …

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Jekyll Island Historic homes

Jekyll Island Historic District

Historic Cottages of Millionaire’s Village Nestled among the ancient live oaks of Jekyll Island’s Historic District are some of the island’s true treasures. Not pirate chests gleaming with stolen gold, but beautiful buildings, former homes to some of the most famous (or infamous) men of America’s past – historic cottages that once belonged to industrial …

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Ghosts Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island Ghosts

Strange Mysteries of Famous Ghosts and Haunted Places at Jekyll Island’s Historic District Do you like ghost stories? Unexplained, strange mysteries? Be honest. We all do. We love things that make us shiver in the dark – ghost sightings, true ghost stories, and haunted places. Things that go bump in the night make us pull …

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confederacy Civil War Heritage Trail

Civil War Heritage Trail

The Heartland of the Confederacy includes two driving trails, each with a distinctive theme. The Leaders Trail begins in Gainesville, continues through Jefferson to Athens and then to Washington and Crawfordville and shows the homes, artifacts, and atmosphere associated with General James Longstreet, Robert E. Lee’s second in command at the Battle of Gettysburg; Generals …

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Best Family-Friendly Attractions Atlanta

Traveling To Atlanta With Kids? Here’s THE List Of 13 Places You Must Go

Best Atlanta Family-Friendly Attractions Atlanta, Georgia is an exciting city that is home to excellent weather, friendly people, scrumptious cuisine and fun attractions. It is a great place for families to visit as the city contains professional sports teams, cultural entertainment and interesting museums. Many people today are trying to save money; therefore, Atlanta offers …

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