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Fun Ideas for Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I’m all about all the love and kisses! And I find myself especially looking forward to baby’s first Valentine’s Day now that my daughter is in the picture this year. I mean is there anything cuter than a little girl decked out to the nines in pinks, reds, purples, and all things girly?

So what do you do for baby’s first Valentine’s Day?

Obviously, you don’t want to forget about your man on Valentine’s Day! So make sure you have a special something planned for just the two of you. Whether it’s a quiet night after the baby is asleep or you hire a sitter for a few hours you can make it special. But there are so many fun ways to document a baby’s first Valentine’s Day! Here’s a list of just some of the fun activities you can do! And the good news is that you can manage all of these on the fly if you’ve waited till the last minute like me.

First Valentines Keepsake Footprint Art DIY

DIY art is one of my favorite things. So, of course, I had to make something to document by daughter’s first Valentine’s day. And this little DIY keepsake footprint art is just too perfect.

baby footprints diy
baby footprints diy via




I like using multipurpose art paper, but you could use whatever you have on hand. Even simple card stock or printer paper. But whatever you choose, have several pieces. There is going to be lots of wiggling and you’ll more than likely need more than one attempt to get that perfect set of footprints. This is a twist on

Your end goal is a “V” shape on the lower right side of the paper. So angle your first foot accordingly. Remember not to get too close to the edge because you still need room to write an “e” and have an edge for your frame.

Use both hands now. One holding the foot with the paint and the other hand keeping the other leg tucked out of the way.

You want to apply enough pressure that you get a whole print, but don’t apply the full weight of the foot will just flatten out and your print will look more like a blob.

I also recommend making at least two prints of the first foot that you’re happy with. Because you will have to repeat the process with the second foot and you don’t want just one shot.

Once you have several prints of the first foot that you are happy with, wipe the foot clean with a damp cloth.

Then apply paint to the second foot and repeat.

Baby Girl First Valentine’s Day Outfit

It’s the time of the year when love reigns supreme—and what’s more dear than your child? Get in the mood of celebrating this Valentine’s Day by dressing up your kid in a festive outfit. Raid the drawers for anything red or pink. Reuse that red holiday dress as I did. Splurge a little on that outfit you can’t stop picturing your little in! Or get a festive headband to make a neutral outfit you already own pop. You really can’t go wrong, just have fun! …and hope that headband stays on.

 Baby First Valentine's Day Outfit
My First Valentine Day Newborn Girl Clothes via amazon

Do a Valentine’s Themed Photo Shoot

You all know how much I love pictures, so we all knew this one was coming. And there are so many cute ideas out there on Pinterest if you need a little inspiration. Impress all your loved ones by showing them that your child has already learned to spell, and then give them visual proof to prove it.

Baby first Valentine Photoshoot
via Alicia’s Portraiture

Just one thing before we get started: as for any activity you’re going to take part in with your kid, note that those little nuts enjoy trying to hurt themselves the first chance they get. Don’t let them use a true bow and arrow while they’re dressed like Cupid and make sure they’re not sailing away while carrying a huge balloon bouquet.

Do a Valentine’s Day Cake Smash

Cake smashes don’t only have to be for birthdays. And if you love cake as much as I do, you find every reason under the sun to start baking. So why not get a little practice in before the big birthday?

Get that Stuffed Animal You Can’t Live Without

I have a real weakness for stuffed animals and I’ve been wanting this big fluffy hippo since I saw it last year! The only reason I didn’t get it then was because we still didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl. So this year there’s no stopping me! That said, I am waiting to nab one till the 15th when they’re half price. Because well, the frugal girl in me still can’t justify spending that much on a stuffed animal when Austynn has no idea which day is actually Valentine’s Day anyway.

first Valentine's Day gift
Stuffed Animal Cute Pink Hippo Plush Toy via amazon

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