Best Kids' Birthday Party Places Near Atlanta, Georgia

Best Kids’ Birthday Party Places Near Atlanta, Georgia

Best Atlanta Kids Birthday Party Places

Atlanta, Georgia, offers numerous indoor and outdoor birthday party places for kids. Check out these unique activities for GA children of all ages.

Parents planning a child’s birthday party are lucky if they find themselves living in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. No matter what time of year it is, this friendly, sprawling southern city offers a variety of unique party places for kids. From inflatable bounce house venues to outdoor spots featuring all sorts of critters, Atlanta has it all when it comes to picking a party theme.

The only trouble is choosing from all the interesting options. The following birthday hot spots around the metro area are sure to put a big smile on the faces of kids of all ages.

Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary in Lilburn, Georgia

Children who love animals will be in heaven at this 24-acre ranch located on the Yellow River in Lilburn. Featuring an easy, mile-long trail that winds through wooded forests and pastures, kids can touch and feed people-friendly, indigenous Georgia creatures like squirrels, deer, pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, peafowl, and bunnies. The ranch also houses foxes, black bears, buffaloes, bobcats, and other wild animals, all of which can be fed at a distance.

Birthday parties of 15 or more receive a group discount. Cakes and other snacks can be brought in and enjoyed at picnic tables looking out over the river at the trail’s end. The ranch sells food for the animals, but parties can bring in their own. The critters can only be fed carrots, apples, celery or other vegetables, peanuts, crackers, or unsweetened cereal.

Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary
4525 Highway 78
Lilburn, GA 30047
(770) 972-6643

Atlanta Kids Can Play Whirly Ball and Laser Tag at Mad, Mad Whirled

Older birthday celebrants will love the chance to play laser tag or whirly ball on their big day. As the state’s only whirlyball arena, Mad Mad Whirled is most famous for offering a location to compete in this addictive sport, a combination of Jai lai, basketball, and hockey players from a specialized motor vehicle.

But the venue also offers much more in the way of fun, including laser tag, an inflatable area, Dance, Dance Revolution, a movie theater, and lots of arcade games. Kids’ birthday packages start at $180 for a two-hour party and include a private room for eating cake and opening presents. Kids must be 7 or older to play laser tag and 10 or older to play whirly ball.

Mad Mad Whirled
2854 Delk Road
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 953-4040

Pirate Themed Birthday Parties are the Order of the Day at DACKids

Younger children will have a birthday blast at DACKids, a swashbuckling-themed party venue featuring a gigantic indoor sandbox. Wooden forts, bridges and foam ball-shooting cannons set the stage for hours of fun, creative play. Bounce houses and obstacle courses are also available.

Birthday packages starting at $99 feature 1 and ½ hours in the Pirate Cove play area and ½ hour in a private party room with an assistant and include invitations, paper products and decorations. Creative add-ons like foam swords, eye patches and pirate hats can be purchased at an additional charge.

DAC Kids
3102 Loring Road
Acworth, GA 30152
(770) 966-9900

Atlanta kids and their friends are sure to have an interesting, entertaining birthday at one of these unique venues – Yellow River Game Ranch, Mad Mad Whirled or DACKids. And having a party away from home is a big gift for the parents as well because somebody else is in charge of cleaning up!

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