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BabyLand GH Tour – Cabbage Patch Kids

Visit The Birthplace of Cabbage Patch Dolls

While Georgia is home to many interesting and famous attractions, many kids know the very best place to be. Cleveland, Georgia is the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Doll and also the home of BabyLand General Hospital. BabyLand is an old doctor’s office devoted to birthing, caring for, and fixing up Cabbage Patch Dolls. It’s a one-stop-shop! Over a quarter of a million people make the trek to this attraction each year.

It all began with an art student named Xavier Roberts. In 1976 he started creating soft sculptures by combining a technique called “needle molding” with quilting. Within a year his creations – then termed “Little People” – were hot sellers. In 1978 Xavier and some friends renovated the L.G. Neal Facility and remodeled this turn of the century medical center into BabyLand. It’s been going strong ever since! In 1983, Cabbage Patch Dolls made it into the history books as the most successful new doll introduction ever. By 1990 over 65 million dolls had been “adopted.” Cabbage Patch Dolls have even made it into outer space!

Father’s Waiting Room

The tour of BabyLand begins in the “Father’s Waiting Room” where one can take a look at the original Little People Xavier created. Nearby is a room devoted to Xavier and his history. The waiting room leads you into the main corridor where you’ll head into the nursery. This gorgeous room is filled to the brim with babies waiting to be adopted. There is even a preemie area for those dolls born too early. BabyLand also offers a surgical ward (for pain-free procedures, of course), a school, cafeteria, and jungle gym. All of these areas are overflowing with dolls of all ages, sizes, and races.

Magical Crystal Tree

One of the most magical parts of BabyLand is undoubtedly the Magical Crystal Tree. This is where all the enchantment happens. Anyone who hears the words, “Doctor report to delivery – we have Mother Cabbage in Labour” while in BabyLand knows to hurry to the delivery room. Here children can actually witness a Cabbage Patch birth facilitated by a nurse! She checks for things like cabbage leaf dilation and helps the audience name the baby after it’s ushered into the world! Afterward, these dolls can be adopted with the Oath of Adoption taken by a child right in the BabyLand facility. Before you leave, be sure to check out the real cabbage patch right next door!

Getting There

Finding BabyLand is easy. The facility is 75 miles northeast of Atlanta at 73 West Underwood Street. It is open Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 p.m. and Sundays 10 to 5 p.m. Admission is totally free. For more information call 706-865-2171 or visit

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