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Practice Everyday With My Children

Early Childhood Music Classes

What do Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and almost every other famous composer/performer have in common?  They all had talented musicians for parents that taught and exposed them to music from birth.  In our modern culture it’s very rare that you hear of a child starting with music classes before the age of 5.  Experts agree that …

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Lily Propagation Methods

How to Propagate Daylilies

Lily Propagation Plants by their very nature want to multiply and get larger, create seeds and spread. Lilies are masters at creating copies of themselves or creating new variations. Few types of plants have such a variety of ways to multiply, be it by clones or by seeds. All parts of the Lily seem to …

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Tooth Fairy Economics

Tooth Fairy Economics

The Rising Cost Of Parenting “Dad, why does the tooth fairy give money for teeth?” Like all five-year-olds, my son Arthur was nothing if not inquisitive. I paused. I’d been through the standard Santa Claus questions and could discuss rocket-powered sleighs and how Santa could ingest a few hundred million cookies without throwing up. But …

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