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Oven Fried Chicken recipe

Oven Fried Chicken

Oven-fried chicken is a fantastic alternative to fried chicken. By “frying” it in the oven (oven-fried chicken is actually baked!), you get all the great crisp and crunch of fried chicken, without the extra fat from frying it in oil. And, it’s even easier to make! This is one of my favorite meals. I love …

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Truss a Chicken

How To Truss Chicken

If you’re like me and you love roast chicken, you may want to learn how to truss chicken. Trussing chicken just means tying it up so that the legs and wings don’t flop all over the place. Knowing how to truss chicken can be a big help in the kitchen. You can definitely get by …

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Roasted Chicken

Roasting Chicken

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a roasting chicken. It fills the house and lets you know that a delicious, warm, and comforting meal is on its way. Roast chicken is definitely one of my top ten favorite meals. Even when I was little, and a very picky eater, I loved it. It was always like …

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Pan Frying Chicken

How to Pan Fry Chicken

Pan Fried Chicken If you’re looking for a simple, delicious meal, you can’t go wrong with pan-fried chicken. Pan-frying is a basic cooking technique, but it’s super versatile. It’s the starting point for tasty dishes like chicken marsala or hundreds of other dishes that don’t really have a name. And with some roasted potatoes and …

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Brining Chicken

Brining a Chicken

Let’s talk about brining chicken. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I love chicken. Fried, roasted or grilled, hot or cold, it’s always good. And it’s pretty easy to cook and get good results. But what if you’re looking for great results? Well, brining chicken is a good start. Brining is a cooking technique …

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Breading Chicken

Chicken Breading Guide

How to Bread Chicken I love breaded chicken. I’m not really sure when that happened. It’s not something we ate a lot of growing up. But for some reason, it’s really grown on me. Now I have to restrain myself to make sure I don’t make it too often! It’s such a great way to …

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How to Pan Fry Steak

How To Pan Fry Steak

If I’m in the mood for a nice, juicy steak, I think barbecue first. But you can pan fry steak, too, and get wonderful results. Sure, when summer comes around, what could be better than cooking steak on the grill? But what if it’s cold out, or rainy? What if you don’t have a barbecue? You don’t want …

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Freezing Peaches method

How to Freeze Peaches

Freezing Peaches Guide If you would like to enjoy peaches when they are out of the season, there’s an easy way to do it – you can freeze them. In this article, we will go through the entire process of freezing peaches, so if you’re interested, read on! Just for your information – this isn’t …

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How to Freeze Bacon

How to Freeze Bacon

Even though in most houses freezing bacon isn’t an option just because it’s eaten within a few days after buying, sometimes you might actually want to freeze bacon. If that’s the case, read the rest of the article to learn the most important things about freezing bacon. How to freeze bacon – Before you start …

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Freeze Rhubarb

How to Freeze Rhubarb

When it comes to freezing rhubarb, there at least two popular methods of doing that: freezing chopped rhubarb dry or freezing rhubarb in sugar syrup. In this article, we will cover both of the methods. Sounds interesting? If so, read along. How to freeze rhubarb Prep First, you need to choose rhubarb stalks that will …

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