Savannah City Market

Savannah City Market

City Market in Savannah, Georgia The City Market in Savannah, Georgia is aptly called the “Art and Soul of Savannah” for good reason! It is full of areas to explore and hidden treasures lie around every single corner. It has a ton of art galleries, restaurants, stores, and opportunities for entertainment. It isn’t just one …

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Savannah Historic Districts

Historic Districts of Savannah

Districts of Savannah Savannah’s famous Historic District comprises several distinctly different Historic Districts that have come to be encompassed by the overall designation of the Savannah Historic District. These descriptions feature the four districts that lie within the downtown area, although there are several others in areas a bit further from the central downtown neighborhoods. …

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historic homes savannah

Savannah’s Famous Historic Homes

Savannah’s famous historic houses are fine, often breathtaking, examples of the best that architecture has ever produced. Built between the early 1800s through the birth of the 20th Century, these houses–Federal, Neo-Gothic, English Regency, Steamboat Gothic, and Victorian mansions, and petite Victorian cottages–are the buildings that make Historic Savannah the city we love today. Andrew …

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Attractions Tybee Island

Tybee Island Attractions

Drive 20 minutes east of Savannah, Georgia, through a few miles of wide sky and salt marshes. This is where you’ll find Tybee Island — perhaps the most laid-back location on the southeastern coast. On this uniquely charming island, nature lovers mingle with movie stars, bird watchers with good ol’ boys. Pirate raids are regular …

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Places to visit Savannah

Places to Visit in Savannah

Savannah Attractions In and around Savannah are many fascinating places to go and visit, from old forts to museums, from parks to beaches. Spend some time at these lovely Savannah sites, and you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful day of Savannah excursions, memories made, and a growing knowledge of the history of Savannah. Fort Screven …

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Squares Savannah

Explore the Squares of Savannah

General James Edward Oglethorpe laid out the basic design of Savannah’s squares in 1733, shortly after his arrival here, creating America’s first pre-planned city. Among other charms, the squares of Savannah serve to slow the pace of traffic, so that visitors and residents alike can take it slow and savor the beauty of this lovely …

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Savannah, GA in a Day

Savannah, GA in a Day

Savannah Day Trip With its rich history, southern charm, and unique architecture, Savannah, Georgia, is truly a prime destination for a vacation. Founded in 1733, Savannah, Georgia was established as the colonial capital and became the first state capital. Many novels and films have been set in Savannah. With the city’s charm and charming people, …

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Savannah Georgia Walking Tour

Savannah Walking Tour

Strolling Through Savannah Savannah, Georgia, is a popular travel destination, renowned for its elegant squares, antebellum houses, unique urban plan, and graceful live oaks. Visitors can tour the city in a variety of conveyances – carriages, trolleys, even hearses – but walking may be the best way to get to know the historic downtown area. …

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Atlanta Savannah Midnight Ghost Tour

Savannah Midnight Ghost Tour

Sixth Sense Guided Walk through the Most Haunted American City Built atop the dead, America’s most haunted city claims the paranormal activity. Sixth Sense’s midnight ghost walking tour offers a creepy and spooky journey into Savannah. Just before midnight in Savannah, Georgia, travelers curious about ghosts, poltergeists, and other things that go bump in the …

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Tours Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia Tours

Savannah Haunted, Trolley & Riverboat Tours Savannah, Georgia offers haunted tours, trolley tours, and riverboat tours that provide an unforgettable sightseeing adventure for any southern vacation. Georgia’s first state capital, Savannah, is a favorite vacation spot for tourists due to its rich cultural history and seaside location. Established in 1733, Savannah maintains the largest historic …

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