Culloden, GA Golden Isle Highway

Culloden, GA on Golden Isle Highway

Culloden, GA Visitors Guide

South of the city of Barnesville, on GA Highway 341, your eyes will fill with the sights and sounds of the South: the mooing of black and white cows, the swaying of majestic oaks and towering pines, and pastures dotted with solitary chimneys – remnants of older times when smoke rose from them as the fire inside warmed the small log houses; homes surrounded by an ocean of white cotton fields.

Tree Farms

Another feature along this thirteen-mile trek to Culloden Georgia is the variety of public and wholesale tree farms. As far as your eye can see, trees of every size and shape stand sentinel in colorful rows along the rolling hills. Southern Nursery Products and Sugar Hill Nurseries can provide a single tree for an individual or tractor-trailer loads for commercial projects of any size.

Entering Culloden

Within sight of the small town of Culloden, your car approaches an interesting obstacle, an oddity for most tourists, as well as the residents of the surrounding area – a roundabout. For those not familiar with a roundabout, these traffic directors serve quite a useful purpose and a pleasing alternative to a simple traffic light or stop sign. Quite common in Europe and the UK, roundabouts direct traffic at a four-way (or more) intersection in a one way circle to the right until you arrive at the road where you would like to exit. This one in Culloden is no exception, but quite the topic of conversation to a lot of people in the area, with the center landscaped with an extraordinary star to mark your arrival, almost as if this unique feature ‘put them on the map.

Rich Heritage of Culloden

Culloden, a once-bustling railroad town boasting two banks and a lively community, is now a sleepy little town with a rich heritage and three hundred residents. The town is deep in Scottish ancestry and is named after the founder and Scotsman, William Culloden, who settled in the area in the 1700s. She shares her name with her sister town of Culloden Scotland, both sharing epic battles during momentous times in their history. While Culloden Scotland heralds its fame for the fate-changing Battle of Culloden in 1746, Culloden Georgia can claim its own right as the site of the Civil War Battle of Culloden where the home militia battled two regiments of Federal mounted infantry in April of 1865.

Culloden Historic District

Within the historic district, you will find grand Victorian-era homes alongside faith-inspiring churches, the earliest one, Culloden’s Methodist Church, dating back to 1802. With tourism on their mind, the local government is planning on renovations to the old schoolhouse, transforming the building into a local and community center for events. Also, there are two great times of the year to plan your visit to Culloden. The first, the annual Blues Celebration and Homecoming, hosted in September of every year by the Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, features blues artists from around the area, including renowned musicians, Chick Willis, of Blues fame.

Peach Picking Farms

The second is the peach-picking time! Along the highway into Culloden, the pine trees fall away into acres and acres of peach trees and during the harvest season from March to April, Dickey Farms yields massive amounts of peaches along with that peach aroma which is a staple to a true Southern town. Dickey Farms is a historic business, founded over 104 years ago, and gives the tourist a taste of the South. Here, at the corner of Highway 341 and 74 and in the downtown area of Musella, you can purchase everything from just peaches to peach ice cream, jams, jellies, relishes, pancake mixes and syrups – every delight to grace your table and tantalize your tongue.

Southern Cooking

Now that your appetite is seasoned, don’t forget to fill your belly with some good ole’ Southern cooking at Lockett’s family restaurant right in the center of downtown Culloden. Always with a welcoming smile and fried chicken that will ‘make you slap yo’ mama,’ Locketts surrounds you with a cozy feeling and mouth-watering food. So much so that you might want to take a nap and soak in the porch-rocking atmosphere of the area. Within a few miles of Culloden, you can rest from your journey at the beautiful Antebellum Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Barnesville Georgia or at the renovated Forysth Square Bed & Breakfast in Forsyth Georgia.

Rocky Creek ATV Riding

Last, but certainly not least, for the tourist ready for some action, Culloden is the proud host for one of the largest ATV trail-riding locations in Georgia. Rocky Creek ATV, home of the first-ever Mud Bog Point Series, “Da Baddest Mudda,” where you can mud-bog Southern-style, camping out with family or friends beneath the pecan trees and stars, and possibly bring home a trophy for various competition events.

Culloden offers many varieties of activities for tourists along the Golden Highway. Stop into City Hall in downtown Culloden and sit a spell before continuing your journey!

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