Great Chores for Toddlers

5 Easy and Age Appropriate Toddler Chores

At What Age Can Toddlers Start Helping With Chores?

Toddlers enjoy learning new things and part of that is doing chores. The sooner you let your toddler experience doing things by themselves the better.

As soon as you notice that your toddler is taking note or copying you at doing a specific task you can start to include them. I remember a couple of months ago I was busy loading the washing machine. As I was sorting out the clothes my toddler grabbed a t-shirt and put it inside the washing machine. Half of the shirt still hung outside, but the idea was there. She fully understood that the shirt needed to go into the washing machine in order to be washed. I just made sure to repeat what I am busy doing. So eventually I started including her in more and more chores and honestly she enjoys it.

>Great Chores for Toddlers

Many of you might see toddler chores as child labor, but it’s very important for a toddler to participate in doing chores. The benefits include responsibility, self-reliance and a boost of self-confidence. As parents be want our children to stay children for as long as possible, but it’s up to us to raise them to the best of our possibilities. It’s very important to teach your child how to be dependent.

There are many things that my toddler will do by herself, she brushes her hair and teeth, wipes her face, picks up her toys, read by herself and many more. I am not forcing her to do anything, she is in fact asking me to allow her to do things by herself. The best part is whenever she did a chore I will praise her and she will be happy and smile from ear to ear.

1. Picking Up Toys

This task might seem tiring and difficult especially after a long day at work. However it can be plenty of fun if there are alot of hands picking up the toys. Tell your toddler it’s time to pick up the toys and demonstrate how to do it by packing away or throwing it inside the toybox. Every other time something interesting might catch your toddlers eye, and they will start playing again, but they are still following and learning what they are taught.

2. Help Load The Washing Machine

Loading the washing machine is a very easy task for a toddler. They will simply throw all the clothing items inside at once. If you are like me and you like to sort out the clothes before the time or wash light and dark colors separately, do so in advance. If your toddler sees you taking the clothes out once it’s thrown inside they might get confused and don’t grasp the concept.

3. Clean Spilled Tea and Milk

Spillages are normal and there will be plenty throughout your toddlers childhood. If your toddler messed milk or tea on the ground hand them a cloth or baby wipe and show them how to wipe it up. Your toddler will sense the happiness and will be too eager to keep on wiping. When it’s clean they will be happy to receive praise.

4. Throw Away Dirty Diapers

This may sound messy but it’s not. Like I said before, toddlers love learning new things and watch what you do. If your toddler gets hold of a used diaper show them how to throw it away. Just remember to wash their hands afterwards.

5. Dusting

Dusting is an easy task. Although your toddler might not be able to dust properly the idea is there. Your toddler will watch you and learn how to do things the right way. If your toddler is hesitant at first and doesn’t want to participate in a chore, give it some time. They might not yet have enough confidence to try it on their own. You will realize the more you allow your toddler to help you the more they will enjoy doing toddler chores.

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