Filing for Georgia Unemployment Benefits

Filing for Georgia Unemployment Benefits

How to File for Unemployment in Georgia

Need to collect unemployment benefits? Do not feel ashamed to do so. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia has a 6.7% unemployment rate. As of October 2020, the national unemployment rate is currently at 6.9%.


Employers are required to pay unemployment insurance, which is where unemployment insurance benefits come from. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, “eligibility for benefits is determined based on past wages, the reason for job separation, and availability and job search requirements”.

Georgia unemployment can be claimed at the Georgia Department of Labor Career Center. Their offices are open from 8:00AM-4:30PM and closed on all state holidays. The applicant can find the county office contact information at Georgia Find a Career Center.

How to File for Unemployment

To file for unemployment in Georgia, individuals must go to their county office in person and provide their social security number. At this time, unemployment can not be applied for online (this is different than claiming weekly benefits, which can be claimed online).

Once at the unemployment office, the applicant will sign in using his or her social security number. The applicant will sit in a group orientation and learn about unemployment insurance. Besides the social security number, the applicant will have to provide an employment history including name and address. If available, the applicant should provide a separate notice from the former employer.

Unemployment Insurance

Important things an applicant should know is that unemployment checks are not retroactive to the last date of employment. Claims only begin the date the applicant filed for unemployment. It is possible applicants will have to attend one workshop a month for three months.

Unemployment benefits in Georgia can be automatically deposited into a bank account if the applicant brings the checking account number and ABA number when filing for unemployment. Weekly benefits can be claimed online or via telephone. To learn more about the unemployment extension, please visit the Georgia Department of Labor.

Job Search

The Georgia Department of Labor has many resources available to help applicants get a job. Besides the Department of Labor, applicants might find job classifieds in the AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) and Craigslist. Many companies also post jobs available on their website.

There are many colleges and universities available in Georgia that offer terminal degrees and initial certification tracks. Many colleges and universities offer part-time tracks.

Filing for Unemployment

Do not be nervous or ashamed to file for unemployment. Unemployment benefits are paid by a former employer’s taxes that they paid into the system. The benefits are generally collected by former employees when a layoff occurs. Contact your local county office for more information.

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