Georgia Aquarium Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s biggest, containing eight million gallons of water and more aquatic life than any other aquarium. Sometimes referred to as the Atlanta Aquarium, this is one of the top Atlanta Attractions drawing millions of tourists and locals each year. It is situated on a 20-acre site adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

The aquarium was originally designed around the Whale Shark Exhibit (Four Whale Sharks saved from a shark-burger fate). Other exhibits include Great Hammerhead Sharks, Beluga Whales, and a Manta Ray. In addition, there are almost a dozen Bottlenose Dolphins doing 3 shows a day.

There are six main exhibits at Georgia Aquarium, each representing a particular environment. The largest is called Ocean Voyager and boasts the world’s second-longest viewing window.

The Georgia Aquarium has over 100,000 aquatic animals from all over the globe that are housed in five different galleries.  The first is the Georgia Explorer which is geared towards kids (with touch tanks) and shows wildlife-related to Georgia’s coast. The next gallery named Ocean Voyager contains most of the aquariums fish including the whale sharks. It also has an underwater tunnel and one of the world’s largest viewing windows.


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