Haunted Adventures Georgia

Top Eight Haunted Adventures in Georgia

Georgia offers a variety of paranormal adventures and activities not for the faint of heart. For spectral adventure, check out these locations.

If one is looking for something to do in Georgia and the amusement parks, shopping centers and beaches of Georgia tourism leave a need for more excitement, why not go on a haunted house or ghost tour? After all, with its many historic locations, antebellum homes, Indian burial grounds and military fortresses, Georgia has an abundance of spooky scenarios that have scared and enthralled its guests for many years.

Atlanta Georgia Ghost Tours

However, for the biggest selection of ghostly fun, spend some time along the Georgia coastline as there are numerous haunted activities to make its guest scream. Matter of fact, Savannah is touted as the “Most Haunted City in America”. Here is a list of ghost tours and locations sure to frighten and delight.

Coastal Haunted Activities

In addition to the walking tours listed below, there are several haunted Savannah locations to be sure to visit. These locations are the Kehoe House bed and breakfast, the Hampton-Lillibridge House where exorcisms had to be done due to the number of paranormal activities, and the 1819 Owens-Thomas House which is known for its peculiar happenings.

Haunted Pub Crawl

This is a 2-hour candlelight tour of the haunted pubs of Savannah. The tour begins at the Moon River Brewing Company and includes spirits of all types. Guides share the history of the pubs that include the ghostly past. This tour is not recommended for guests under age 21.

The Haunted History Tour

Combine a love of the past with the excitement of the paranormal. This is a 90-minute tour beginning at the Colonial Park Cemetery. It I s led by costumed guides who share stories of strange happenings, tragic tales, and local folklore. Children are welcomed.

Hauntings Tour

These tours are led by experts on the paranormal. Participants can also choose to attend a dinner, where questions are encouraged. Tours are offered every evening and last 2 hours. Stories shared are based on eyewitnesses, and research done by Robert Edgerly, the author of Savannah Hauntings.

Pirates Walk

Like many coastal cities, Savannah has had its share of pirates. Walk where these swashbucklers visited and hear bloodcurdling tales of their exploits and adventures. This tour is offered during the day, making it more child-friendly.

St. Simons Ghost Tours

St. Simons offers 2 ghostly walking tours, the Ghost Encounter which explores the St. Simons lighthouse, and the 90-minute lamp lighting tour of Olde St. Simons where guest are treated to area folklore, ghastly murders, and unsolved mysteries while traveling through moonlit streets and passageways around the city.

Ghostly Attractions Beyond the Georgia Coastline

Georgia’s coastline is not the only place to fraternize with the other world. Several other Georgia specters can be found when visiting these places.

Dalton Ghost Tours

This north Georgia town offers spooks and specters sure to delight all those who are stout of the heart of enough to join the weekend ghostly adventures. Tours are offered from September to October and last 2 hours. Children are welcomed.

Norcross Ghost Tour

Outside of Savannah, Norcross is known for its railroad history, as well as legends of its “Southern Spirits”. Join in on one of the evenings walks for tales of mystery, murder and mayhem. October tours include history and talks about the many paranormal events that have occurred in Norcross.

Roswell Ghost Tours

Visit the historic village, old mills, mansions and the Founder’s Cemetery while learning of unusual happening, area history and deep ravines whose mysteries are still unsolved. Tours are offered on weekends and on Wednesday nights, as long there are at least 6 people per group.

Experience the paranormal as part of a Georgia tourism escapade. After all, beaches, malls and big cities are great, but there’s nothing quite like a spooky adventure to make the trip out of this world. Ready to scream?

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