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When one thinks of the wine country, thought is of Europe or the Napa Valley of California. Many states in the USA have wineries, including Georgia.

Georgia is not the first state one thinks of when talking wine, but it also should not be the last. Georgia is just one of 50 states in the United States that have wineries, many producing award-winning wines.

North Georgia, known for its picturesque mountains has a perfect weekend trip awaiting the wine adventurer, along the Georgia Wine Highway. Follow the winding roads up the North Georgia Mountains, to taste great wines while relaxing and taking in the mountain views.

Wineries have thrived in Georgia since the 1800s. Records from the 1900s show Georgia ranked sixth among grape-producing states. During prohibition, a generation of wine growers was loss to the wine industry. A change in the laws in the 1980s has revived a once strong Georgia wine industry. From Jasper, Georgia to Young Harris, Georgia near the Tennessee border, the taste of Georgia with wine invites the wine lover to come taste the grapes.

The “Heart of Georgia Wine Country” is located near Dahlonega, Georgia (also famous for its gold) and is home to Three Sister’s Vineyards and Winery. Three Sister’s hosts the annual Georgia Wine Country Festival set in the first full week of June each year.

Three Sisters was honored to be invited to participate in the American Wine Tasting hosted at the Paris, France US Embassy. Three Sister’s vineyard produces many grapes well known in Europe that go into their wines including the award-winning Fat Boy red and newly released Fat Boy White.

Sunday Brunch at Award-Winning Frogtown Winery

Not far down the Georgia Wine Highway from Three Sisters is another award-winning winery named Frogtown. Frogtown is believed to be the most awarded of the East Coast Wineries. Frogtown winery produces wines in what is called “the French style” or dry wines. Frogtown’s second label is called the Thirteenth Colony under which is offered a semi-dry or off dry-wine.

Escape to Frogtown to taste the wine and enjoy a wonderful meal from their restaurant while taking in the mountain views. Frogtown hosts a Sunday brunch offering Frogtown wines and special tastings to enjoy while dining.

Nestled near the Swiss Village of Helen, Georgia and the historic Sautee/Nacoochee area is the Habersham Vineyards and Winery. Habersham Winery is located in the Nacoochee Villages that has many unique shops to wonder through. Habersham Winery has been awarded medals in national and international competitions.

Travel the Georgia Wine Highway

Habersham Vineyards yields about 25 tons of grapes each year. From these grapes, Habersham Winery produces wines under several labels. There is a wine for everyone to be found in the 21 different wines that are produced by the Habersham Winery.

Working up the Georgia Wine Highway to Young Harris, Georgia and the Blue Ridge Mountains sits Crane Creek Vineyards. Built around an original 1886 Appalachian Farm house, Crane Creek believes that wine is best enjoyed with food and friends. Crane Creek Vineyards host several celebrations each year that includes good wine, good food and best of all good friends (new and old). Benjamin Franklin once said “Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Come celebrate and have fun taking in the North Georgia Mountains and tasting the wine.

Other parts of Georgia have vineyards and wineries producing wines not only from grapes but other fruits such as muscadines and Georgia peaches. Nothing is more picturesque anytime of the year, but especially the spring and fall as the North Georgia Mountains. The North Georgia Mountains offer a chance to slow down, enjoy the view and Taste Georgia through wine.

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