How To Get Started With Yoga

How To Get Started With Yoga

Ready to get started with yoga?

Are you curious about yoga and not sure where to start? Looking for an affordable way to get started?  Yoga is a calming and relaxing workout that will energize your mind, body, and soul!

I love yoga because it is perfect for all fitness levels. Whether you feel stiff, injured, or just looking for a great way to bring peace to your life, yoga is easy to get started with. At first, I was really hesitant to try yoga because everyone was doing it.  At the time, I was happy with pilates!  With pilates, all you need is a yoga mat!

Yoga finally caught my attention after reading a book about all the amazing health benefits!  I knew I had to give it a try. It happened at a time in my life when I needed to slow down and relax my mind.

Even as a single mom, there are times when I am feeling stressed or just need a good stretch and a chance for a quiet moment to breathe!  Since I don’t have a DVD player, I have several Youtube yoga workouts bookmarked. However, if you prefer to use a workout DVD, we have a few great suggestions!

Fitness Equipment

First and foremost, the only workout equipment you need is a yoga mat! You want a sturdy but comfortable mat to use!  It always helps to choose a color and/or design that stands out to you! You will stay motivated by your beautiful yoga mat!

Classic Yoga Mat – Yoga Direct offers high-quality mats! Beautiful and bright colors.

Printed Yoga Mat – Gaiam is a well-known fitness brand. If you want a little design and a calming color, this is a great choice!

Deluxe Sticky Yoga Mat – if you’re looking for a larger yoga mat, this one may be for you!  Pretty and bold colors too!

Yoga Fashion

Cute styles help me stay motivated! I love new clothes!  When I have fun clothing to change into, I am more likely to do my workouts!

I practically live in yoga pants!  Every morning, I change into yoga pants, a sports bra, and a cute tank!  My clothing is super comfortable and I am already dressed for yoga!

There are so many different styles and colors for yoga leggings.  There are also different lengths of workout pants to choose from!

Next, you’ll want cute workout tops!  You can find cute styles at Old Navy and Target. Lastly, Old Navy offers different sports bras that fit you! Target also has a variety of styles of sports bras.

Yoga DVD Workouts

When it comes to working out, I prefer to exercise at home.  You can start with a few Yoga DVDs or use Youtube. Youtube has a ton of free workouts!

I found a few Yoga DVDs to start with.  Yoga is perfect for all fitness levels. Listen to your body.

  • Crunch: The Perfect Yoga Workout
  • 10 Minute Solutions Yoga
  • Befit Yoga: 10 Minute Yoga Daily Fix

Are you looking to add peace and calm to your busy life? Yoga is an easy solution.  All you need is enough room for your yoga mat. You can even do yoga on your deck, backyard, or balcony!

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