Teach Your Baby to Crawl

How to Teach Babies to Crawl

How to Help Baby Crawl: 5 Exercises to Learn

Crawling is one of the many milestones that your little ones will encounter as they grow older. I have to admit that at first, I was really terrified when I saw my daughter starting to crawl. I was more scared that excited because I was too paranoid in thinking that she might get hurt if she crawls too fast or crawl on the floor and so on.

Exercises to Teach Your Baby to Crawl

What I did in order to overcome my paranoia was that I told myself to TRUST my daughter. If she falls or gets hurt, it’s fine. I kept on reminding myself that she needs to do this on her own in order for her to become independent and smart at the same time.

Looking back on those moment, I also realized that even though I was scared of her crawling, I also set some tricks and exercises to her prepare for this huge breakthrough of hers. I guess, our mommy instincts will take over us and help us teach babies how to crawl. I hope that by sharing this with you can also use it to prepare your little ones for their crawling phase.

Signs that Your Baby is Ready to Crawl

First thing that you need to take note of when you are planning for your child’s “crawling” moment is their age. For me, my daughter started to show signs of crawling while she was around six to seven months old. Other babies tend to show these signs around the age of ten months or so. So when do babies typically start crawling? All in all, babies usually learn how to crawl before they reach their first birthday.

Signs that Your Baby is Ready to Crawl

Another helpful milestone in determining of your baby is preparing for crawling is their ability to sit properly. It also helps if you notice that they are starting to shift around. This is done by either dragging their body using their arms or buttocks or even slithering around while they are on their tummy. The list is endless. The only thing you need to check is their willingness and eagerness to move around on their own.

Exercises to Teach Your Baby to Crawl

Exercises are important if you want to help you baby crawl more easily. You might even be surprised that your usual routine when caring for your newborn is actually an exercise for crawling. Here are some of the simple exercise you can do for your baby.

Have adequate amount of “Tummy Time”

“Tummy Time” is a phrase we use when we let our tiny tots lie on their belly and do whatever they want. It can be done as early as they can. Just make sure that constant supervision is present. Start with just a few minutes during the first month.  “Tummy Time” can be a little uncomfortable for your baby at first. So make a keen observation as to when they want more or when they want to stop.

Limit the Use of Walkers, Strollers, Car Seats and Carriers

Babies are smart. So when they figure out that there is a “device” that lets them move freely and easily without having to move, they WILL use it. This can be a big hindrance to their crawling abilities and might prolong the progress. Better let them move on their own at all times. Just make sure to baby proof everything that your baby can reach.

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Use “Objects” of Their Interest to Motivate them

The “Objects” that I am referring to are the things that your baby takes a liking on. It can be toys to help baby crawl and walk or little foodie treats that they would love nibble. I even used a mirror to help my daughter while she is starting to crawl.

What I did was I placed the mirror a few feet away but just enough for my baby to see her own reflection. She became curious and started to wobble and crawl towards it. Just make sure that the area where your baby will crawl is safe.

Teach Your Baby to Crawl with a Towel

The famous “Towel Method” has been used for a long time in aiding soon to be crawling babies. What you do is you place a bath towel on the floor but do not spread it out. Then you place your baby with their tummy in contact with the towel. Finally, you pull the towel up and guide your child as the start to crawl.

Basically, you will use the towel as a harness and safety bind for your baby as they learn to crawl. This will also help in strengthening the arm and leg muscles of your little ones.

Use Colorful Toys and Environment for Crawling

Toys are probably the one of the best things to use to encourage your child to crawl. It also helps if you have a colorful floor mat as well. I bought two sets of floor mats for our bedroom and made sure that they have different colors and even has the letters on them. Up until now that she is three, she uses those mats to recite the alphabet and colors

I always made sure that the toys that she tried to reach is just an arms length away from her. As she crawled towards it I slowly pulled it backward making her crawl even more. Just make sure you do not tire them out too much.


When mommy or daddy is there in front of their baby and encouraging them to “Come here”, toys will just be second best. You will be amazed when you see your baby all giddy and excited to crawl towards you. I remember my daughter shrieking as she giggled and tried her best to crawl fast towards me.

Always keep in mind that each and every child has their own particular and fixed milestone moment. Do no fret if your child’s development is too fast or too slow. Let them figure things out on their own. Do not force them to crawl, walk or talk just because you want to. Patience is the key to each and every milestone your baby will encounter.

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