Jekyll Island, Georgia Attractions

Attractions on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Known for its gorgeous weather and delightful attractions, Jekyll Island, George is an ideal place for a vacation.

Located in the southern part of the state of Georgia, Jekyll Island is full of attractions that make this little spot of the South an ideal vacation spot. Whether it’s the world of nature, fun at a water park, a walk through the history of the island, or a moment in silent contemplation, this heavenly location has a little something to offer everyone.

Faith Chapel

Originally built by the Jekyll Island Club, the Faith Chapel and is currently listed as part of the Jekyll Island Hotel. Those who are interested in church architecture will note that it is built in the style of an early colonial meeting house, with several elements that reflect the Gothic style. Of particular note is the stained glass window depicting the Adoration of the Christ Child, as well as a signed work by Louis Comfort Tiffany. A visit to the chapel is an ideal way to spend a peaceful afternoon in meditative contemplation.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Founded with the purpose of aiding stranded, beached, and ill sea turtles, the George Sea Turtle Center is crucial to the rehabilitation of these magnificent animals. Although their primary purpose is, of course, rehabilitation, they have also geared the center toward education, so that visitors understand the vital importance of conservation. The center currently has exhibits focusing on turtle conservation, rehabilitation, and the creatures’ development from egg to adult. Admission is quite reasonable, and all proceeds go toward various operational cost, including the care of the center’s numerous patients.

Jekyll Island Museum Visitor Center and National Historic Landmark District

The Jekyll Island Museum is the ideal place to visit for those who want to learn about the fascinating and textured history of Jekyll Island, and the museum hosts a number of fascinating displays, with an extensive archive including photographs, oral histories, diaries and, surprisingly, home video footage. Visitors to the museum can experience the many things that have happened in the history of the island, including the formation of the Jekyll Island Club during the Gilded Age, the 1742 Spanish attack on Horton House and the long and distinguished of Christmas as it is has been celebrated on this remarkable island.

Summer Waves Water Park

For those who want to lose themselves in the relaxing feel of cool water and fun rides, the Summer Waves Water Park is the ideal Jekyll Island attraction. The park features a number of rides to fit any taste: those who like to take it slow will probably enjoy Turtle Creek; while those craving a little more adrenaline may like taking a crack at the waves of the Frantic Atlantic or taking a plunge on the Pirate’s Passage ride. Regardless, one can’t go wrong, and a visit to Summer Waves Park is sure to be a cherished memory. They are only open seasonally, and they do carry a bit of a price tag, so both of these should be kept in mind when planning a visit.

Any vacation to the Southern part of George should definitely include this fascinating and richly historical community. The wealth of things to do in Jekyll Island ensures that any visit is sure to be both enlightening and entertaining.

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