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Exploring the Music Scene of Atlanta

Best Places in Atlanta for Music Fans

Over the years the music scene of Atlanta has hosted some fairly prominent artists, and the performances that you’ll find in this city cut across genres and are a diverse mix of sounds. If you’re into music and you have time to spare in Atlanta then it would be a real shame not to check out its vibrant music scene, whether you’re looking for a place that pumps out rock music or one that has soothing jazzy overtones.

Apache Café

Creativity is abundant in this café that somehow manages to set a rather intimate feel despite being not that small at all. Performances take place here throughout the year, but it isn’t really possible to pigeonhole the genre or style that you’ll expect to find considering the Apache Café hosts everything from RnB to jazz, and hip hop to rock.

One thing is certain – there’ll always be something unique at this music locale.

Smith’s Olde Bar

This bar houses 350 odd people when packed to capacity, and it certainly is full to the brim on nights on some nights. A plaque at the entrance boasts of its claim that ‘The best musicians and greatest music fans walk through this door’ and that is certainly part true with the likes of David Bowie, Train, and Pete Yorn having played here in the past.

Expect bar bands and the occasional big event.

Philips Arena

Nowadays the biggest musical events in Atlanta mostly take place in the Philips Arena, which is able to seat a stunning 21,000 people. Among the big names that have performed at this venue are the Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey, Pearl Jam, U2, and even Britney Spears.

In the first half of 2009 it was named the top stadium in the United States.


If you’d like something a little less mainstream and a lot more local then Vinyl is probably the place to go – especially if rock is your cup of tea. It is a local favorite that has many local bands playing at it night in and night out, but sometimes it does feature some more prominent bands as well.

See how many options you have in the music scene of Atlanta? Frankly speaking even all of this is really just scratching the surface and if you take the time to dig deeper you’ll unearth a lot of different bars and clubs and even neighborhood dives where the music speaks for itself and sets the tone for a great night out.

Whatever the case, at least you now have a starting point to explore the Atlanta music scene while you’re in the city and have some free time on your hands to do so. Half Priced Tickets are available for many shows on our tickets page.

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