North Georgia Mountains

Moving to North Georgia Mountains Area

Blue Ridge – The Jewel of North Georgia

Blue Ridge could easily be described in one word: Majestic. Of course, there is much more to say about this beautiful region of Georgia. With the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rugged natural charm of the surrounding region, it is not surprising that the market here is flourishing.

When you buy Blue Ridge real estate, you are joining the community which is the proud county seat of Fannin County, affectionately referred to as “ The Gateway to the Mountains”. Buy a home in this beautiful area and you will be nestled in the beauty of the Appalachian mountain chains.

Rich in history and high on charm, Blue Ridge was originally run by the Cherokee Indians before the first settlers rolled into town. The town was originally settled in 1886 due to emergence of the North Georgia Railroad. It was this that made the area grow and become a real town rather than a rural backwater. Today, it is this growth that makes Blue Ridge real estate and Georgia properties such a popular choice with more and more home buyers.

The town residents are so proud of the historic links to this railroad that they continue to keep the Old Depot as the centerpiece of the town and have even created the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. It is a little known fact that the depot you see today was not the original as it had to be rebuilt in 1906 after a fire destroyed the original structure. It is just this kind of proud history and community spirit which makes the town and the prosperous Blue Ridge real estate market what it is today.

With the natural beauty of the region unrivalled in the state and the quiet serenity of this picturesque town, is it any wonder that homes are being snapped up. Whether you are looking to buy a home in Blue Ridge to call home or wanting to invest in a second home for those times when you need to get away from your day to day work, Blue Ridge offers something for everyone. Take a quiet stroll through the small yet delightful Blue Ridge City Park and you will soon begin to appreciate the tranquility of this gorgeous community.

Gorgeous lakes offer the joy of many water sports and the mountains offer some spectacular horseback riding venues. Biking or hiking, enjoying one of the many magnificent mountain trails, or indulging in a peaceful stroll by the rivers and creeks, all of these adventures are close at hand when you buy a home in Blue Ridge. With this town and the surrounding communities offering shopping, restaurants, art galleries and the chance to see local crafts, this region is a place you will be proud to call home. Invest in your very own piece of Blue Ridge real estate and make this beautiful corner of Georgia a home or home away from home to be enjoyed at leisure.

North Georgia Mountain Cabins

From the majestic splendor of the Georgia Mountains or the charming and romantic history of our famous covered bridges, North Georgia is a truly special place to call home.

For an increasing number of people, real estate in this area represents a great choice when looking to relocate or buy a second home. With the beauty of the Georgia mountains, buying one of the cozy mountain cabins nestled away in the hills is also becoming more popular. Very few areas of the country can boast such fine properties in such a wonderful, natural and historic setting and for this reason, North Georgia mountain cabins are more than attractive.

Steeped in a long, proud history from the time of the Cherokees, to the gold rush to the modern day, you will find it all here. When you buy a piece of this area, you are investing in a region which boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and colorful history you will find. Couple this with the world class facilities and amenities in Atlanta and you will begin to understand why the market here has become so prosperous.

One of many local attractions is the North Georgia Charlie Elliot Wildlife Centre is a wonderful resource which acts as the gateway to the lakes and trails in the area. With all kinds of wildlife, outdoor pursuits and the Georgia Mountains on your doorstep, buying a mountain cabin brings you close to nature in all its’ glory.

For the outdoor enthusiast, buying in Blue Ridge, opens up a wealth of recreational options. The Georgia Mountains offer everything from hiking, biking, horseback riding and walking trails to climbing for the more adventurous. The Georgia trails offer everything from walking to fishing. You can even spend time enjoying the Tour de Georgia, a great annual cycling tradition. Investing in Blue Ridge real estate guarantees access to some fine schools and colleges, libraries and museums and a plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment choices for all the family.

Ellijay, Georgia: A fine little town

Ellijay, Georgia lies at the heart of Gilmore County and the foot of the Appalachian mountains. With so much to offer by way of location, history and natural beauty, it is no surprise that new homes in Ellijay, Georgia are so popular.

A small town of around 2000 residents (20,000 in Gilmore County) surrounded by nature at its’ best and within striking distance of bigger urban centers such as Atlanta, this town is easy to sell for the resident Ellijay, Georgia real estate agents. All this as well as laying claim to the prestigious title of “Apple Capital of Georgia”.

With stunning scenery, parks, mountains, rivers and streams, buying your very own piece of Ellijay, transports you to a place of true beauty and unrivalled location. With such a small, friendly community as well as being at the gateway to the Appalachian mountains with so many outdoor pursuits to indulge in, Ellijay real estate represents both value for money as well as a great lifestyle choice.

Safe, secure and boasting some of the finest amenities in town as well as the surrounding areas, new homes in Ellijay, Georgia are becoming quite the find for relocations or holiday home buyers. Within the town there are several restaurants, a quaint selection of boutiques and shopping options as well as one of the nicest city parks in Georgia, Ellijay River Park. This truly idyllic park offers you and your family, whether residents or holiday visitors, you can enjoy a game of tennis, riverside walks or relax with a family picnic on the beautiful banks of the Coosawattee River.

All this plus the prehistoric rock formations of Fort Mountain and the historic and charming heart of downtown Ellijay which offers the charm of old buildings such as the Gilmer County Courthouse in the town square. New homes in Ellijay, Georgia are in the heart of this charm and beauty which will make you proud to be a resident and call Ellijay home.

Real estate agents are now well aware that the housing market is on the rise and are acutely aware of the pull of such stunning geography and recreational facilities.

Charming Town of Blairsville

Beautifully nestled in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, Blairsville is one of the most charming communities in North Georgia. In a state defined by natural beauty, the homes for sale in Blairsville, Georgia are some of the finest properties available.

If you are looking to relocate and live in a natural oasis with majestic scenery, outdoor pursuits choices for all ages and a safe, friendly community of residents, Blairsville, Georgia real estate is what you are looking for.

Along with the geography, the town and surrounding area in Union County offers residents some excellent amenities. Excellent schools, great choice of dining and restaurants and a thriving local economy have all helped ensure that the homes for sale in Blairsville, Georgia and well worth the price and a great investment as a new home or holiday property.

When you are looking to invest in real estate in this area you will soon realize how great a choice it is. The local services, such as the schools and colleges, are suitable for families moving here with children and the public amenities by way of shopping and dining are great for all. Blairsville, Georgia real estate is also rising in popularity due to the proximity to other communities in the county and even the larger urban center of Atlanta.

Though many work in the town, others spend their professional days elsewhere before returning to the tranquil serenity of their very own piece of Blairsville. After a hard week at work, the relaxation and recreational options here are endless. From the serenity of a lakeside walk to the adventure of a hiking weekend on one of the Appalachian trails, all levels of outdoor pursuits are catered for.

Along with residents, many people spend weekends soaking in the glorious surroundings of the Appalachian mountains and the rivers, lakes and parks in the area. For a more secluded getaway, there are many cabins available in the area which redefine relaxation and further show why this town is so popular with so many. Living in such glorious, clean and inspiring surroundings is something which residents adore and are proud to introduce newcomers to when they join this warm community.

Copperhill, Tennessee: Southern charm

In the heart of Polk County you will find a town named Copperhill, Tennessee. Small, quaint, welcoming and charming are just a few of the words you could use to describe Copperhill.

One of the small towns in the Copper Basin, Copperhill is one of two mining towns in the area and stands on the banks of the Ocoee River. For the Copperhill, Tennessee real estate agent, such charm coupled with the untouched beauty of the area is certainly a help when selling one of the new homes in Copperhill, Tennessee.

Though it is a small community, the Copperhill, Tennessee homes for sale number quite a few and the wider area of Polk County offers even more choice. The town, essentially built right into the mountains, is one positively surrounded by nature in all its’ glory. Of course, there is the undisputed majesty of the mountain region but there is so much more that makes Copperhill, Tennessee homes for sale so enticing. Mountain cabins are also available for those who wish to escape to the serenity of the wilderness, something which is always good to recharge the batteries.

With the rivers, streams, lakes, rugged and open wilderness so available, this area of the country offers a place which can be your home or perhaps an area to invest in a mountain cabin. Cherokee National Forest is close by and pretty much every way you drive, hike, walk or cycle, the natural world just keeps expanding into the distance. Polk County also boasts three enchanting rivers, the Ocoee, Hiawasee and Conasauga which make this an even more exciting area. Outdoor pursuits are what many of the locals are here for and why Copperhill and the surrounding area welcomes so many visitors.

Buying one of the Copperhill, Tennessee new homes for sale is something which brings you close to nature and in the heart of a richly historic, is sometimes mistreated are of gorgeous landscapes. Such is the commitment of the local residents in Copperhill and beyond that they are now ensuring that the natural beauty is maintained and restored where it was previously destroyed. All this plus the historic mines and years of history make the charm, peace, beauty and solitude of this region hard to ignore. If you invest in one of the Copperhill, Tennessee new homes for sale, you too can enjoy all this and more.

Fannin County, Georgia: Live in the beauty of nature

Located at the foot of the southern Appalachian mountains, Fannin County boasts a geographical location that is hard to beat. When it comes to living in a region that is at once relaxing and excitingly inspiring, the rugged mountainous beauty of this area is hard to rival. For this and many other reason, Fannin County real estate investments are now thriving.

As well as the county seat of Blue Ridge, Fannin County includes the towns of Morganton and McCaysville. Both charming and picturesque in their own right, some of the finest new homes in Fannin county are located here as well as in the city of Blue Ridge. Nature, history, culture and a veritable feast of outdoor activity just waiting to be enjoyed describes just a few of the things you will have when you buy one of the new homes in Fannin County.

With such beauty and a wealth of history, the market for Fannin County real estate investments has really opened up in recent times. With a population of around 21,000 this is a county which offers both a historic tradition from the Cherokee to the present day residents whilst also delivering some great local amenities and facilities. From great schools to great parks, from great shopping to a wealth of dining options, Fannin County real estate investments are located in a region that offer this and so much more.

For the outdoor enthusiast, whether it be the adventurous mountain climber or someone with a passion for the serenity of a day fishing, this countyis close to paradise. As well as the magnificent Chattahoochee National Forest, Fannin is also home to parts of the Cohutta Wilderness Area. It is these natural gems which offer everything from walking to fishing, camping to hiking. With rivers full of fish, thanks in part to the local fish hatchery, and mountains full of wildlife, new homes in Fannin County are a favorite with all kinds of nature lovers.

Murphy, NC: Fine real estate in Cherokee County

When you image the true, spirit and community of small town America, you are, whether you know it or not, imagining Murphy, North Carolina. All the charm, all the history and all the honest, heartwarming residents that make it such a proud town.

For those looking to invest in property or relocate, looking at the MLS listings for Murphy, North Carolina is a prudent first step to buying a new home in this idyllic corner of the state. Knowledge of the area, from recreation to business, education to the property market is crucial when looking to invest here.

One of the true, unspoiled jewels in the crown of Southwestern Carolina and at the beautiful epicenter of Cherokee County, Murphy and the surrounding area is simply breathtaking. From the opening of the first paved highway from Murphy to the Georgia line in 1922, to the present day, Murphy has been the hub of Cherokee County.

In Murphy, natural beauty blends perfectly with historic structures such as the Cherokee County Courthouse to make this town a place that your Murphy, North Carolina real estate agent will not have trouble getting you excited about. Whether it is the history, the nature or the tranquility of the area that attracts you, there is always a warm, small town welcome waiting to greet you.

When you browse the MLS listings for Murphy, North Carolina, you will be looking at property of the highest standard in a county with a tradition as proud as the residents who live there today. This pride is directly responsible for the preservation of seven buildings in Cherokee county which appear on the prestigious list of National Register of Historic Properties.

If you couple this civic with the majestic mountains, the clear waters of the lakes, the meandering beauty of the streams and rivers and the recreational possibilities that this location affords and you have a haven of beauty. As well as tennis, hiking, horseback riding and so much more, Murphy and Cherokee county also offer shopping, dining, flea markets, festivals and something for all the family.

Union County, Georgia

Union County, Georgia is rich in history. The very name came about when, in 1832, John Thomas decided that the union folk who resided there defined the town to perfection. Today, with a population of just under 20,000 Union County is small enough to maintain it’s charm but large enough to offer facilities that make it a great place to call home. Homes for sale in Union County continue to attract families, professionals and lovers of the great outdoors.

Such is the beauty and draw of the area that the homes for sale in Union County, whilst remaining distinctly affordable, are growing in popularity. Whether it is a second home or a full time relocation, Union County real estate agents are working hard to ensure that the market stays prosperous. The rich and varied historic and natural tapestry of the region merely enhances the safe and friendly communities which make up the County.

Blairsville, the county seat, is just one town in the county which is defined by the perfect blend of old world charm and modern day amenities which make it so livable. One of the main reasons why people reside or holiday here in Union County is the stunning scenery and all the pleasures that this affords. From the joys of the Appalachian Mountains to the serenity of Lake Nottely, this really is nature to rival any in the nation. When you buy one of the homes for sale in Union County, you have all this and more just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

With so much history, wildlife, nature and adventure in the area, it is important to get the best advice when looking to buy one of the homes for sale in Union County. In the world of North Georgia homes, Stan Hamm is simply the finest of all the Union County real estate agents. His knowledge and commitment will ensure that you find the home that is right for you.

Union County, as well as boasting the great outdoors, has wonderful facilities. Some excellent schools and colleges ensure good educational options for families moving here with children and the historic buildings, town parks, low crime rate and love cost of living also entice people to relocate here. Buy one of the homes for sale in Union County and your lifestyle will be enhanced more than you know. From fishing to horseback riding, a weekend of camping to a day of water sports on the lake or even a simple stroll through the forest, you can indulge in whatever outdoor recreation takes your fancy. With tennis and golf too, the more sporty types can also enjoy their passion.

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