Outdoor Adventures Worth Trying in Atlanta

Outdoor Adventures Worth Trying in Atlanta

If you like outdoor adventures and you happen to have some time in Atlanta then there are a few things that you could try out. Bear in mind that some of these adventures require a certain level of fitness, while others are slightly more extreme and certainly not for the faint of heart.

So what do you think? Want to find out what adventures await you in this city?

Climbing to the top of Stone Mountain

Stone mountain is 825 feet tall and spans a massive 583 acres. The summit is exactly 1,683 feet above sea level – which should give you an idea of how high up you’re going to be.

To climb up Stone Mountain you’ll need to follow a trail that is essentially a 1.3 mile hike. Along the way there are plenty of rest stations, water fountains, and bathrooms so you will have pretty much everything you need on your way to the top.

Also on the way up are stone carvings of the three Confederate heroes of the civil war – General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.

It is free to climb Stone Mountain, but you might need to pay $10 for parking and a further $27 if you want to gain access to the other attractions on this mountain such as the laser light show, museum and 4-D movie.

Taking a ride on Acrophobia at the Six Flags Over Georgia

Acrophobia is essentially a ride that consists of a 16 story free-fall drop where you’re staring straight at the ground below all throughout. Imagine having the ground rush up as you plummet towards it, and feel your stomach in your mouth while it happens.

That’s what Acrophobia is – and it is going to test the nerves of pretty much anyone who tries it.

At Six Flags Over Georgia there are plenty of attractions but this is the one that you want to try out if you want something that will scare you senseless and get your adrenaline really pumping.

 Swimming with the Whale Sharks

Technically speaking this isn’t an outdoor activity since it takes place in the Ocean Voyager tank at the Georgia Aquarium. And also technically whale sharks aren’t sharks either. Regardless however, this is your chance to get up close and personal with the largest fish on the planet, and tons of other sea life while you’re at it as well.

As far as unforgettable experiences go, this is definitely one that you’ll want to check out.

Make no mistake there are plenty of other adventures to be had in Georgia, both indoors and outdoors, but these are definitely some of the most exciting.

Where to Go Hiking in Atlanta

Tourists who enjoy outdoor activities can visit the local parks in Atlanta, Georgia. There are several local parks that offer hiking and cycling trails including Grant Park, Stone Mountain Park, Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Big Creek Greenway. Grant Park offers opportunity for visitors to jog and explore the flora. Zoo Atlanta is located within Grant Park. Zoo Atlanta is among the oldest zoo in the United States.

The Cyclorama museum can be found in the Grant Park as well. The Cyclorama museum provides insights on the Battle of Atlanta. Stone Mountain Park offers several miles of trails for people that like jogging. The park covers an area of 3200 acres. The special feature of Stone Mountain Park is that it has a large granite monolith.

Atlanta Mill Nature Preserve is a nature preserve located in the ravine forest of Atlanta, Georgia. The nature preserve has a hiking track that measures 1.5 miles. It offers lots of beautiful sceneries such as trees, flowerbeds, springs, and etc. As you hike along the trail in Atlanta Mill Nature Preserve, you can observe cotton plantation buildings. The cotton plantation buildings are dated back to the early 19th century,

Big Creek Park has many flat surfaces. At Big Creek Park, there is a paved track that measures 1.75 miles. The wood chip path measures about 0.75 mile. You can observe meander on the hiking trail. The measure is formed naturally on the flood plain. If you want to visit the Big Creek Park, you can park your car at the Northpoint Parkway.

Cloudland Canyon State Park is a wonderful park in Atlanta, Georgia. The canyon park is situated within the proximity of Lookout Mountain. You can hike along several trails to reach Cloudland Canyon including West Rim Trail, backcountry trail and etc.

There is a recreation area called Chattachoochee River National Recreation Area. Chattachoochee River National Recreation Area covers four counties. You can perform a variety of recreational activities at the national park including fishing, boating and etc.

The Chicopee Woods Trail System is also a great place for hiking and jogging. The trail system covers 20 mmiles of single tracks. Chicopee Woods Trail System was built by Gainesville Chapter of SOBRA.

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