Top Insta-Worthy Atlanta Outdoor Murals

Outdoor Murals in Atlanta

Within the last few years, there has been an immense street art move in Atlanta. Projects like Living Walls ATL and the Outer Space Project have lead in an art rebirth in the town. Each locality is home to various murals that your family can visit by car and sometimes by foot. Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to snap these exciting photo ops. They’re all perfect for Instagram. Allow me to share just a handful of outdoor murals in Atlanta.

Atlanta mural

300 Marietta St, Atlanta

ATLANTA mural by Buckhead Murals. We love what we do, and this makes us truly believe that our clients will do the same! Our fresh hand-painted murals and signs act as a vital enhancement to all surrounding. We strive to offer a great final product, along with a memorable customer service experience. –

HENSE & Living Walls 2014

135 Walton Street NW, Atlanta

Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic is a Lithuanian-born artist combining fine art techniques with a passion for creating art outdoors. Experimentation lies at the heart of Ernest’s style, with the only constant being the dedication to his ever-changing concepts. With ideas leading the way, he removes the restriction of artistic boundaries, moving freely between the disciplines of oil painting, stencil, and spray, installation and sculpture; producing dynamic compositions both inside and outside of the gallery space. –

Little Five Points mural

Little Five Points Neighborhood, Atlanta

Little Five Points is Atlanta’s hippie ‘hood. Everything about the area is Bohemian chic, and vintage stores line the streets alongside a natural foods market and indie radio station. Pull up a chair and take in the music of street performers and commence people watching. There are many treasures to be found in Little Five Points. This eclectic neighborhood, nestled just north of East Atlanta and easily accessible by I-20, is one of the most satisfying places to people-watch in Atlanta. Another thing Little Five does particularly well is street art, which adorns several buildings around the area and ranges from musical to historical to patriotic to urban. –

Boulevard Tunnel mural

The Boulevard Tunnel; Cabbagetown, Atlanta

MOMO, is an American artist. Originally from San Francisco, he is known for his post-graffiti murals and studio painting. MOMO began his experimental outdoor work in the late 90s, working with homemade tools in public spaces. Since 2009 he has been expanding his focus to include a substantial studio practice. –

2014 Mural by Kyle Brooks

Eastside; just north of 10th Street and Monroe Drive

A BlackCatTips is a painter and muralist. A BlackCatTips is a poet and a thinker— a teller of tales. A BlackCatTips is Kyle Brooks, a streetfolk artist from way down in the American South. In addition to his studio and mural work, Brooks creates street poems and whimsical roadside art installations. With his brush, bright colors and a few found materials, he paints the world happy. Brooks lives in Arabia Mountain, Georgia with his nice lady wife and two little babies. He also has a pet chicken and enjoys growing orchids. One day he hopes to live in a biscuit house. –

HENSE & Atlanta BeltLine mural

Eastside Trail under Virginia Avenue

We just finished up a public mural on a historic structure for the Atlanta BeltLine public art program 2011. I painted this one with longtime friend and collaborator, BORN. We spent roughly twelve hours a day for almost two weeks on the mural. We felt it was important for the work to show both of our tastes as artists and I think we succeeded. We titled the piece “Fruition.” –

Spatial Tension Mural

Eastside; just north of 10th Street and Monroe Drive

Spencer Murrill, an artist, painted the front of this building in 2013, with the intention of “moving and progressing” as users of the Atlanta BeltLine moved alongside it. The bright colors and eye-catching shapes appeal to both children and adults. It is easily accessible and situated on the east side of Piedmont Park.

Where the BeltLine Bears were Born

Eastside; just north of 10th Street and Monroe Drive

Kyle Brooks’ 2014 mural can be found on the side of the building. Brooks describes this mural, which depicts “an undersea world with crabs, fish, mermaids, sea beasts, and bear sea anemones,” as a continuation of his previous work, BeltLine Bears. He is a folk street artist, and his whimsical and playful paintings make people happy. After posing for photos, eat lunch at Piedmont Park’s Park Tavern and then play all day.

Paris On Ponce mural

716 Ponce de Leon Place N.E., Atlanta

If you’re walking the Atlanta BeltLine, you’ll find this mural behind Paris on Ponce. Karl Kelm painted it in 2014. Paris on Ponce is also a really cool place to explore and go shopping, so stop by before or after your photos!

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