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Book & Activity: Pete the Cat (…Steps in Strawberries)

This week’s post was inspired by one of the coolest cats I know. We were introduced to “Pete the Cat” earlier this year. He was our first Scholastic Book order. Do you remember the Scholastic Book Club? I loved it. I would pour over that thin little catalog every time and circle at least 10 books each month. My parents rarely refused to buy us books, so most times they let me get at least one. And, then, a few weeks later, after I had forgotten all about it, my teacher would hand out the books at the end of class. It was the greatest thing ever. I’m so happy they still do it and in Preschool, no less. I couldn’t help but order a few. He loves going through the catalogs, too (and also circles just about every book).

Pete the Cat - WikipediaPete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and James Dean is a groovy story about a cool cat named Pete.  He has a new pair of white shoes.  As a mom, you know white shoes never stay white for very long.  And sure enough, Pete’s soon steps into a pile of strawberries, and his white shoes are now red.  But, he doesn’t care.  He just keeps “walking along, singing his song”.  Then, he steps in it’s a pile of blueberries and some mud.  But, through it all, Pete keeps his cool and just rolls with it.

It’s such a cute, fun book!  We love Pete in our house and have acquired a few more in the series.  But, this one remains my favorite.  It teaches kids to find the good in everything, stay positive, and roll with the punches. All great lessons that most toddlers need to learn (and stat!).

I highly recommend checking out Pete!

Pete the Cat Activity

This week, I decided to do a field trip for our activity.  We went strawberry picking.  And, just like Pete, we stepped in berries and mud. Luckily, we remembered to wear our wellies.

Strawberry season in Georgia lasts about 3 months.  The season is typically in late March or early April through late May or early June.  Usually, we go picking on opening day before all the best berries are gone.  But, it rained the last time we went! Literally, it rained from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s raining again now.  So sick of rain!!!

Pete the Cat - Strawberries - YouTube

Anyway. then, we finally had a beautiful Mayday. So, we pulled on our rain boots and went to pick some berries at Adams Farm in Fayetteville, GA.  We were so happy that they decided to open up on a rare Monday.  It was perfect picking weather.

We got to the farm just as they were opening.  I like to go in the morning while it’s still cool.  Adams Farms is nothing fancy.  You pull onto a dirt driveway and park on either side of the little shed.  A lovely woman greeted us, gave me a tray and my son a little berry basket.  She then directed us to where the best berries were.

The plants were dripping with bright red berries.  We had no trouble filling our tray with gorgeous fruit. This was my little guy’s third year picking strawberries.  He was a pro this year.  Normally, he eats more than he picks.  But, this year he was focused.  Reaching into the foliage for the best and biggest ones.

After we were finished picking, we went back to the shed.  Our berries were weighed and paid for while my son inspected the antique tractor sitting next to the parking lot.  They are sweet there and we were even given a few extra berries on the house because they didn’t want them going to waste.

The berries themselves were delicious.  Plump, juicy, and sweet.  We immediately had a big bowl with a little vanilla ice cream for a mid-morning snack. And the boy picked enjoyed stealing berries from the tray the rest of the day.

Pete the Cat Coloring Sheet

Here’s a Pete the Cat coloring sheet from



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