Atlanta Savannah Midnight Ghost Tour

Savannah Midnight Ghost Tour

Sixth Sense Guided Walk through the Most Haunted American City

Built atop the dead, America’s most haunted city claims the paranormal activity. Sixth Sense’s midnight ghost walking tour offers a creepy and spooky journey into Savannah.

Just before midnight in Savannah, Georgia, travelers curious about ghosts, poltergeists, and other things that go bump in the night meet in front of Clary’s Café, a popular casual dining spot. A tour guide from Sixth Sense Savannah welcomes the group and distributes white tee-shirts displaying the walking company’s retro logo promoting the Midnight Ghost Tour. The walking tour begins promptly at midnight.

Midnight Ghost Tour: Savannah, Most Haunted American City

Settled in 1733, Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city and has suffered bloody war battles and yellow fever epidemics killing thousands. It’s believed a Native American burial site and a cemetery sit under some of Savannah’s streets and public areas, resulting in paranormal activity.

The American Institute of Parapsychology named Savannah the “Most Haunted American City” in 2002, an honor also bestowed to New Orleans, La., and Charleston, S.C. Shannon Scott, Sixth Sense founder and creator of the spooky reality show called “Scariest Places on Earth,” accepted the title on behalf of the city and has embraced the ghostly honor by creating a variety of Savannah ghost tours.

Midnight Ghost Tour: Journey through the Savannah Historic District

The Midnight Ghost Tour is one of the spookiest tours offered by Sixth Sense, next to the Haunted Oatland Island Tour. The Midnight Tour is a two-and-a-half-hour, 2-mile tour through the Savannah Historic District walking past grand 18th and 19th-century houses, abandoned buildings and a cemetery. Streets are pretty much quiet between midnight and 2:30 a.m. with the exception of the occasional car full of clubbers yelling “boo” at the walking tour.

The Sixth Sense guide is a serious storyteller bringing to life chilling and spooky tales from the 20th and 21st centuries. Ghost tales have been collected from witnesses and the guide’s personal experiences. The stories range from the accidental and tragic death of a daughter by her parents to bedroom furniture made from cemetery gates and possessed by poltergeists. Voodoo and vampires are mentioned during the walking tour, too. Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras to capture paranormal activity, such as orbs and ghosts. Those who dare can peak into the windows of certain abandoned buildings but entering buildings is not permitted.

Sixth Sense: More Savannah Ghost Tours

The tour company offers a handful of walking tours some offered during the day, such as the Bonaventure Cemetery Tours while most are offered during the evening hours. The Haunted Oatland Island Tour is unlike the other Sixth Sense tours, it’s a ghost hunting expedition in an abandoned 50,000 square-foot former hospital built in the early 20th century. Ghost hunting equipment (Electromagnetic field meter) and flashlights are provided and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP; voices of ghosts and spirits) is sometimes captured. These tours are offered twice a month between 9 and 11 p.m.

Midnight Ghost Tour: Sixth Sense Savannah Rules

The Midnight Ghost Tour is geared towards adults and costs $38.50 per person, which includes a tee-shirt. Due to the departure time of the Midnight Ghost Tour, Sixth Sense recommends tour participants be well-rested, refrain from drinking beforehand (and during) and refuse anything offered by anyone while standing at the crossroads. (Tour participants will learn about the crossroads.)

Reservations and prepayment required. Contact Sixth Sense Savannah at (912) 292-0960.

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