Vidalia, Georgia Has More to Offer Than Onions to Visitors

Vidalia, Georgia Travel Guide

The small, quiet, and quaint towns of the Vidalia, Georgia area have gift shops, eateries, art galleries, and a special town named Santa Claus, Georgia.

Vidalia, Georgia is the heart of the Georgia onion country. The sweet Vidalia onions make recipes delicious and unique. But the area has more than onions. Here are some of the sweeter stops along the way.

History of the Vidalia, Georgia

The towns around the Vidalia, Georgia section of the state were settled at the turn of the 20th century as pioneer towns. This was a few decades after the end of the Civil War. The Savannah, Americus, and Montgomery Railroad opened in the area around the 1890s. Today the city of Vidalia offers many shopping and sightseeing opportunities in small, quiet, and quaint Southern towns.

Downtown Vidalia, Georgia

The city of Vidalia offers many shopping, dining, and golf opportunities. Be sure to check out the shops in downtown Vidalia. It has been designated as a National Main Street city. All the local stores are full of local and homey stores. You will be sure to find a one of a kind treasure to take home.

Altama Art Gallery in Vidalia, Georgia

This art gallery is located in the Brazell House, which was built around 1911. This house that houses the gallery is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is located at 611 Jackson Street and the telephone number is 912-537-1911.

Vidalia Onion Factory

Here you will find the definite sweet and distinct influence of signature Vidalia onions in the region. This store offers all sorts of gifts and onion products. You will certainly want to stock up on items for Christmas presents and a few presents for yourself, as well. The Onion Factory provides some seasonal tours of the area and is located at East 1st Street, Highway 280 and their telephone number is 912-526-3466.

Take a Bike Ride on the Yamassee Trail

Want to get out and move around? Bring your bikes with you to the Yamassee Trail, and pack a picnic lunch as well. There are bike route signs all through Montgomery County and the small towns within it. Traffic is not a problem and fresh air is in large quantities. You will pedal through the communities of Mount Vernon, Alston, and historic Long Pond. You will see cotton fields and pecan orchards. The Vidalia Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has more information and can be reached by phone at 912-538-8687.

Santa Claus, Georgia

You absolutely cannot leave the Vidalia area without visiting Santa Claus, Georgia! Travel south on Highway 1. Have your picture taken in front of the Santa Claus, Georgia sign and one special thing to do near Christmas is to take your postcards to the Santa Claus post office and have them postmarked in Santa Claus, Georgia.

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